Loan Submission Instructions

  1. Export your loan information from your favorite LOS such as Calyx Point in “Fannie Mae 3.2” format. The file should end with .fnm and saved to a folder such as your “Desktop”.

  2. Stack submission package according to the Submission Form (Broker Disclose LE) or (Request RSM to Disclose LE).

  3. Login to our Broker Protal and create a loan number by clicking on "Create New Loan" and uploading your Fannie Mae 3.2 file.

  4. Review loan information, Price loan, and REGISTER.  *Once loan is registered, our submission team will be notified that the loan is ready for review.

  5. Upload your PDF Submission package by clicking on "Open EDocs" under your loan number. Click on "Select Doc Type" and select "A New File". Upload Submission Package.  *All documents uploaded by 2:00PM PST will be reviewed the same day.

Compliance Notes

Date Prepared – Considered the date the application is printed / prepared and signed by Loan Officer - Signature of LO and Company information on 1003 should be fully completed including license numbers.

Date Signed – Considered the date the borrower signed all of the documents prepared by Loan Officer within RESPA guidelines.

Credit Pulled Date – Is the Date the Credit report was pulled. This date should be after the “Date Prepared” date. If the report is before the “Credit Pulled Date” a new credit report will be needed.

Dates / Age of Documents – As a rule of thumb borrowers should be updating their brokers/LO’s on any new bank statements or paystubs as they receive them; therefore documents pertaining to borrower qualification should not be outdated more than 30 days. 1003’s and disclosure dates should be less than 45 days from date of submission.

Document Delivery

All requested Conditions should be uploaded directly through loan express using eDocs which can be accessed via Breaking down your submission documents in their designated doc types will result in faster turn times overall. Attention to detail is key to faster file flow.